Moving To Charlotte

Moving is always stressful. There are always things that are lost in transit and the litany of new services to sign up for. Schooling, taxes, utilities and local memberships are all things that you have to focus on and complete immediately.

So the question remains: how can you make your move to Charlotte easy? Is Charlotte worth moving to? Before you call a Charlotte moving company, check out this list and see how we can make your life easier.  Check out where the best places in Charlotte are to live, the costs of living, places to explore and the job market.

Charlotte has the 10th fastes population Growth in the United States and is one of the largest cities in the US. New families are relocating to Charlotte on a daily basis, seeking the higher standard of living and the incredible growth opportunities. Despite the rapid growth, Charlotte maintains many of the elements of a small hometown with lower crime rates and excellent dining options.

The cost of living is surprisingly low. At about 5% lower than the national average, most folks will save money when they move to Charlotte. While it offers some of the best career opportunities, it also is one of the cheapest places to live. This means that residents of Charlotte have a large amount of free cash for enjoying themselves with all of the amazing activities that the city has to offer.

Charlotte is one of the largest banking centers in America. Following Wall Street, more financial transactions flow through Charlotte than through any other city in the US. It is also a highly advanced technological city. More and more tech  jobs are being created, with an aggressive bidding war going on for top talent. In a 2017 Forbes article, it was pointed out that Charlotte was adding nearly 740 Tech jobs a year in the custom programming and system design servicts. Software publishing was a close third for tech growth.

The lower housing prices and cost of living are attracting top tech talent that would have gone to California in years past. Now, these engineers can command a similar wage, but enjoy a shorter commute,  more time with family, and more money in their pocket.

One of the things that attracts folks to Charlotte is the amazing variety of outdoor living that is available. Surrounded by mountain ranges, it is the perfect place to hike and camp. With only 30 minutes of drive time, you can be out of the city and in the peace of the wilderness. If you drive further east, you can reach the ocean, and many folks enjoy playing in the many affordable resorts to the East of Charlotte.

As with any major city there is plenty of shopping available. Theaters, shopping malls, restaurants and activities for the kids are around every corner.

Whether you want a place to work and save for retirement, or  place to retirement and enjoy the fruits of your labor, Charlotte offers something for everyone.