Hair Salon In Ballantyne For Relaxation Treatments


You may have probably heard somebody say that your hair is your crown. Whether you wear your “crown” short, long or shoulder length doesn’t matter. What matters is how it makes you look and feel.While a right hairdo will make you feel fabulous getting it right can be tricky, especially if your hair is kinky. That’s why a lot of people opt to use hair relaxers. Hair relaxers change the PH levels of your hair making it less kinky or straight. In this article, we explain how to relax your hair.

1). Prepare. 

First, off you should avoid bruises caused by scraping or raking your scalp with a comb.Any irritation can result in pain once the relaxer is applied. Stop all cleansing activities up to 7-10 days before


Get the right relaxer for your hair type. Getting the wrong treatment can result in an allergic reaction. If this is your first time you can have a professional examine your hair and scalp, then pick the right relaxer. If not you can conduct a strand test a day before relaxing, just to be sure you won’t have any adverse reactions to the chemicals.

Collect all the items you need and have them at hand. This will save you plenty of time once the process has started.

2). Part your hair into smaller sections.

Use a wide tooth comb to get rid of any tangles or knots in your hair first. If you try and relax big chunks of your hair all at once, it will result in an uneven look. You can use a rattail comb and divide your hair into four sections so that you appear to have a cross on your head.You will then make smaller sections as you apply the relaxer.

3). Protect your scalp and skin. 

Relaxing chemicals are abrasive. Many of them contain ingredients such as calcium hydroxide, lye and other chemicals which may cause irritation or burning. To prevent that it is advised that you apply a base cream. This could be a light grease such as olive oil or petroleum jelly. Apply this to your hairline, ears, scalp and neck to prevent burning or absorption of chemicals by the skin.

4). Apply relaxer. 

Apply the relaxer on one section at a time. Use a brush and be thorough. Once you are done run through the relaxer once more by combing through all sections for an even application and set a timer and wait. Avoid estimating as you might keep the relaxer on for too long or too little time, resulting in over processed or under processed hair.

5). Rinse and repeat. 

It is vital that you rinse your hair of all the relaxer to stop the relaxing process completely. You can apply a protein conditioner to strengthen your hair shaft and keep it on for about five minutes before rinsing. Afterwards, apply a neutralizing shampoo, make sure to lather it properly then rinse again. Keep rinsing until you are sure there is no more relaxer on your hair.

Once you are done, pat your hair dry and style as desired. Make sure you follow the instructions on the kit. Do not to process your hair. It will become dry and lose its elasticity. So now that you know how to relax your hair go and get yourself the perfect hairdo.


If you don’t want to try to deal with this at home, then you can call Armis Salon & Spa Ballantyne for an appointment!